My Wish List for 2014

This is the time of the year when everyone makes their new year resolutions. I, on the other hand, am lazy. I would rather make a wish list for 2014 and hope that others will help make it come true. It is no different than my little one writing a letter to Santa with her laundry list of things she wants him to bring. Now, you might think that my list would include things like peace in the middle-east and food for all, but it doesn’t. Why? Because besides being lazy, I am also realistic and funny. Well, at least I try to be. Jury is out on both of those aspects. However, my wish list does cover a broad range of topics. Hope you agree with them. If not, feel free to add more by commenting on the blog.

  1. I wish Super Bowl would move to Saturday night. In my opinion, the most depressing day of the year is the Monday after Super Bowl. This is for several reasons: it is the official end of Football season, and beginning of that dreary gap between Football and March Madness or Spring Baseball when nothing interesting is going on. It is also the beginning of February, easily the most depressing month of the year. Even non-sports fans enjoy Super Bowl by going to a party and getting a little intoxicated. The game doesn’t end until late, and parties even later. To be back at work on Monday – well, not easy for most. So, why not just move it to Saturday? It is, by far, the most watched TV program for the year. The TV ratings will be high either way. Come on, NFL, as one of your sponsors might say, just do it.

  2. Continuing with sports theme, I wish Brent Musberger would just retire. If you are a sports fan, or even as sports-aware as I, you know who I am talking about. He announces the Rose Bowl every year, and has been with ABC Sports longer than any of us can recall. He is annoying. And therefore, he should retire. I am sure you have your own favorite announcer you would like to meet the same fate, and if so, I hope your wish also comes true.
  3. I wish we could all agree to a social-media separation policy. Facebook is for sharing personal stuff, LinkedIn for sharing business stuff, and Twitter for the confused, ambivalent folks who can’t figure out any separation. This will make life so much easier for all. Don’t tell me that you have not struggled with that Facebook invite you got from a business contact, and you so wanted to decline but didn’t want to offend them? You ended up accepting their invite and then blocking them from everything you share. To my FB friends, in full disclosure, I don’t block anything or anyone. If you are my friend,  you are getting a dose of my personal life like everyone else. Deal with it, or unfriend me. 🙂
  4. On to a more serious topic…I wish we could pass the following law. If Congress can’t find a way to keep Government running, all the senior leadership of Congress – majority and minority leadership across Senate and the House must resign immediately and not be allowed to run again for at least four years. It is simple – if you are an elected leader, well, you are supposed to lead. If you can’t convince people to keep the place running, just resign, and let someone else try it. Same applies in Corporate America – why wouldn’t we hold the Government leaders to same?
  5. We can’t have Christmas on a Wednesday. For most Americans, who work through the so-called holiday season, it is highly inconvenient when Christmas falls on a Wednesday since it splits up people’s time off. Some take off Monday and Tuesday, some Thursday and Friday. Very inconvenient. So much easier when it is on Thursday – you know nobody is working that Friday. It is the same reason why Labor Day is always a Monday, as is Memorial Day, and President’s Day. It is easier to plan ahead. We are Americans. We make up time zones, day light savings time – we can move Christmas too!

I could keep going. But I am not greedy. I will settle for the above five. Now, I said I was realistic and funny. I lied. I am definitely not realistic. But, I did call this a wish list, didn’t I? Have a happy 2014, everyone. See you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and whatever other way we are connected.

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